The American Society of Civil Engineers routinely produces a report card on the state of America’s infrastructure. In the most recent version they gave America a D+. They were being kind.

An obvious indicator of our nation’s demise is our nation’s infrastructure, which President Donald Trump has routinely talked about fixing. As yet, there is no plan and there is no money.

According to the ASCE, our grades are as follows: bridges C-, energy D+, transit D, dams D, rail B, drinking water D, ports C, aviation D, levees D-, schools D, roads D, inland waterways D-, wastewater D, hazardous waste D, public parks and rec D- and solid waste B-

It is in these kinds of projects that government must take the lead and/or assist private contractors. But rather than lead or assist, government is the obstacle.

Here is what the ASCE says about energy. Some of our electrical grid and pipeline distribution system dates from the 1880s. While 17,000 miles of new high-voltage transmission lines and pipeline are planned, permitting threatens their completion.

Having lived at the hub of the inland waterways system (Paducah, Ky.) for eight years we can attest to the reasons for the D grade in dams. Since most of the locks and dams are over 50 years old, the system averages 52 breakdowns per day.