DAN DUPAIX ⎯ Managing Partner of Asset Underwriting

Dan Dupaix is a mechanical engineer and Marine with an impressive background and proven experience in infrastructure. During his 10+ year tenure at Banner Health as Director of Engineering, Mr. Dupaix supported facility operation efforts across the Banner Health enterprise.

Mr. Dupaix created a building automation system standard to ensure correct components, sequences of operation and network structures for both new construction and renovation projects. He was also instrumental in evaluating and improving energy efficiency and equipment life of all Banner facilities. Mr. Dupaix managed a $50M fund for building facility renewal and played a critical role in keeping Banner’s hospitals running efficiently and reliably.

Throughout his career, Mr. Dupaix has successfully led engineering teams in the design, collaboration, negotiation, purchasing, and installation of mechanical and plumbing systems, HVAC, chilled beam technology, LED lighting, solar electric systems, electric vehicle charging stations, natural gas purchases, water savings technology on condenser water systems, fire sprinkler design, and building automation systems for hospitals, universities, and laboratories. Most recently, Mr. Dupaix was responsible for quickly and effectively converting Banner Health’s 31 major facilities and hundreds of clinics, making them safe against Covid-19.