“We were definitely excited to begin the service contract with Sustainability Partners as converting our aging vehicles to EVs is another way HDOT is saving money and working towards the state’s goal of reducing fuel consumption in ground transportation by 70% by 2030.

Public and private ground transportation is a huge contributor to carbon dioxide emissions. This service contract, that is available to all state and county agencies, could expedite government fleet conversions and help lead the way for increased private adoption of EV.”

Ed Sniffen
Hawaii DOT, Deputy Director for Highways

Customer Background

The State of Hawaii established aggressive clean energy goals including a zero-emissions clean economy by 2045 and increased energy security and self-sufficiency through elimination of Hawaii’s dependence on imported fuels for both electrical generation and ground transportation. Following a service Request for Proposal from vendors who can provide holistic, user-fee-based options, Hawaii awarded Sustainability Partners the comprehensive contract to transform its entire fleet from petroleum to electric vehicles.

EV Benefits

– Zero emission, environmentally friendly vehicles reduce CO2 and decrease total carbon footprint

– Quiet vehicles reduce noise pollution

– Highly efficient electric motor compared to petrol engine

– Low cost of operation; minimal maintenance

– Energy security with less dependence on foreign oil

– Reduced greenhouse gas emissions slow climate change

EV Infrastructure as a Service Benefits

– Fuel and maintenance savings improves State’s financial bottom line

– SP infrastructure investment allows State to de-leverage its balance sheet, increasing cash reserves

– Hawaii Department of Transportation expects to save 75% in vehicle maintenance costs over the life of the vehicles and an estimated $287 / vehicle in fuel costs.


By engaging SP’s Monthly Utility Service Agreement, Hawaii is able to add new vehicles and infrastructure whenever necessary – and as often as needed – with a simple addendum to the core contract. As additional needs arise and new electric transportation technologies become available, Hawaii is now pre-positioned to adopt the best solutions immediately, benefitting the state both financially and environmentally.


“It seems to be the number one project that we have done as a Board that everybody has had something positive to say about.

It has turned out so well. They have met all their deadlines. And people are so happy with this. We were looking for ways without effecting the tax payers (borrowing through a referendum) so we found this funding model out there and they understand the energy role really well. They have a lot of buying power in energy efficiency equipment and they were able to decrease the cost of our equipment.

The future for the District is to make all of our buildings heating and air conditioning efficient. We want to make classrooms more inviting for kids to learn in. Having better lighting and better heating and air conditioning certainly provides a better learning environment for our students.”

Annette Johnson
Board President, East Aurora School District 131

Customer Background

As part of a 5-year effort to upgrade their infrastructure and improve school facilities, East Aurora School District embarked upon a progressive plan to retrofit lighting, HVAC and other mechanical systems throughout their 18-school portfolio. Envisioning a streamlined, design/build approach, EASD collaborated with their trusted architectural advisor, Cordogan Clark & Associates, and together the two identified qualifications required to assist the District in upgrading their entire school system’s infrastructure, the primary goal being the ability to lower the cost and reduce the risk of upgrade.


Using SP’s innovative Utility Services Agreement, East Aurora School District benefits from a District-wide lighting upgrade to LED plus controls, all for zero out-of-pocket expense and the ability to convert what would have been a large capital expense into an operating cash positive with no balance sheet impact, all on the basis of lighting use. This approach to infrastructure investment accelerates facility improvements by moving individual projects from start to finish at a far greater pace than East Aurora School District could have otherwise done so by using more traditional means. As a result, a second more significant phase of improvements to HVAC and mechanical systems has already been contemplated and scoped.

Infrastructure as a Service Benefits

– Energy savings improves District’s financial bottom line

– SP infrastructure investment allows District to de-leverage its balance sheet, increasing cash reserves

– Zoned smart controls enable flexible classroom lighting; dimming at white boards, reducing glare

– Room levels commissioned and optimized to 50 FC at desk work surfaces

– Corridor lighting with Autosense capability improves safety and convenience

Installation Facts

– LED lighting retrofit at 18 separate school facilities including elementary, middle, high and magnate/academy

  • Total of 1.9M SF

  • Retrofit of 15,000 light fixtures

  • Advanced networked lighting controls

– Additional Scope: Phase II — HVAC Mechanical Retrofit 

  • 5 year plan for comprehensive replacement of RTUs, Boilers, AHUs

  • Estimated $70M investment in infrastructure


“Partnering with SP on the courthouse and jail projects contributed towards helping us meet our sustainability goals and will result in a large, meaningful impact for the County. We’re using fewer natural resources and their model enabled us to do a utility-scale project without any related impact on County operating budgets. In fact, their Sustainability-as-a-Service® model returns money to the county.”

J. Dudley Anderson
County Architect, Galveston County

Customer Background

Galveston County, with a population of 342,000 residents, is a diverse region located on the Gulf Coast of Texas and considered home to a variety of nationally-renowned medical facilities, colleges and universities, technology companies as well as a thriving petrochemical industry. The City of Galveston also serves as the county seat with facilities that support local judicial, law enforcement, park and recreational functions.


Conservative yet forward-thinking by nature, Galveston County was interested in creative ways to accomplish its sustainability goals while still saving money and reducing energy-related operating expenses. Sustainability Partners, with its successful Sustainability as a Service model, was chosen for energy efficiency projects on three facilities and with the further potential to enable additional water and energy saving projects as part of the county’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

Installation Facts

– LED lighting retrofit of nearly 7,000 lights

– Scope of work involved replacing T8 fluorescent tubes/ballasts with clear lens LED tubes with external drivers; replacement of CFLs with LED “corn cobs”

– Installation involved full lighting retrofit of three facilities including the county courthouse, justice center and parking garage

– Existing fixtures retained to speed installation and minimize tenant disruption

– Installation completion: October 2015

Infrastructure as a Service Benefits

– Streamlined process for energy upgrade installations reduced installation cycle time by up to 18 months

– Reduced energy costs without impact on County operating budgets

– Master Utility Service Agreement structure enabled use of PCA Interlocal contract

– Improved County’s environmental footprint by consuming less energy and saving natural resources

– Eliminated maintenance and repair costs

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