K-12, University & College Infrastructure as a Service®

SP provides schools with a dependable operational means to keep essential infrastructure permanently reliable, safe, and effective in a manner that fully aligns with their mission. We match the varying economics of each school and facilitate the proper maintenance, monitoring, and management of essential assets – from bus fleets and HVAC/Boilers/Water building efficiency assets to sports field turf and smart LED lighting.

The Problem

Budget and time constraints caused by constant repairs to old, inefficient, and potentially unsafe essential infrastructure cause unnecessary burdens, taking away focus from other important school initiatives.

  • Declining Revenue

    Mechanical performance declines over time leading to decreased revenue and increased capital costs to maintain, repair, and replace

  • Financial Stress

    Declining asset performance drives rate increases and deferred capital investments to offset revenue losses

  • Breach of Trust

    Tax payers ultimately pay more for the same or declining services rather than seeing their taxes invested in system improvements

  • Cost of Repairs

    Emergency repairs are far more costly than planned improvements and deliberate capital investments based on sound data

  • Stretched Margins

    Leaving in place or replacing the current system with similar technology will lead to the same operational and revenue challenges

Your Solution

SP believes schools should not have exposure to the risks, costs, and time burdens associated with owning old essential infrastructure. With SP, schools can quickly and easily upgrade essential assets and get back to doing what they do best – teach!

  • Instant ROI

    Increased revenue with new, modern, highly accurate, efficient and durable essential assets + decreased costs of operations and maintenance

  • Financial Stability

    New, reliable infrastructure improves financial health; SP partners with you to decrease expenses and eliminate costly emergencies

  • Immediate Improvements

    Communities benefit from modern assets that are reliable, durable, and efficient with immediate and long-term cost savings

  • Deferred Maintenance

    Stops cycle of run-to-fail; SP installs best-in-class infrastructure assets that are safe, reliable, and designed for longest useful life

  • Smart Operations

    Operational efficiencies for best performance, environmentally friendly assets,  24/7 access to real-time accurate information

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