Debt Recovery Service™ (DRS)

Remove debt from your balance sheet and keep essential infrastructure reliable, safe, and performing ⎯ forever.

Eliminate unnecessary bank and legal fees, reporting, audits, cash lockups, restrictive liens, credit ratings challenges, bank permissions, financial covenants, and collateral filings.

Currently there is a debilitating debt load — $4 Trillion of bond debt across 50,000 U.S. municipalities with $948 Million in first time defaults last year!

The problem? Bond debt is not connected to the useful life or health of assets and does not plan for proper ongoing maintenance. This misalignment results in long-lasting negative consequences.

Removing this debt immediately improves your financials and credit ratings, while also injecting reliability into your infrastructure (currently installed and/or new) as it is maintained and upgraded with a month-to-month, usage-based service agreement.

Once freed from debt, communities can stop the run to fail cycle of essential infrastructure assets.

Debt Elimination & Reliable Infrastructure

  • Break the debt cycle

  • Improve credit ratings

  • Free restricted cash

  • Escape bond covenants

  • Immediately improve financials

  • Increase infrastructure reliability

  • Stop run to fail cycle of essential assets

Why Choose Us?

SP removes infrastructure debt from your capital stack by converting it to a self-improving infrastructure utility service. All at a lower monthly cost that your current debt payment and without the debt-created restraints.