Simple, Fast, Government Friendly

Our projects are completed through a Master Utility Service Agreement with tailored Service Addendums for each specific project.

Best in Class Modernization

We install robustly engineered solutions for extreme reliability, durability, and performance. This results in lowered costs, economic stimulus, more jobs, and responsible sustainability.

Step 1

Identify your critical infrastructure challenges and sign a simple SP Master Utility Services Agreement.

Step 2

SP sources all the resources required to completely solve those challenges; 100% compliant procurement.

Step 3

When satisfied, you approve and issue a Notice to Proceed.

Step 4

SP facilitates procurement, installation, commissioning, and your training.

Step 5

SP keeps infrastructure maintained, efficient and reliable, while billing you for usage, availability, or capacity.

Infrastructure as a Service®

The Master Utility Service Agreement is a 10-page agreement that establishes the relationship between SP and our customers while also providing a scalable platform for future projects. The Addendum is project specific and identifies exact asset(s) and usage charges.

Partnership, Transparency, Collaboration

SP is a public benefit company providing a usage-based model requiring zero upfront capital. We assume ownership responsibilities of essential infrastructure without interfering with your use. We can bridge a gap, providing a required match to state or federal funds, or be a 100% source paying for design, engineering, materials, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

We prioritize the best interests of our customers and do not add any markup to goods and services, making SP the most effective tool for reducing costs. 

Procurement Eligibility through Cooperative Agreement

If you are eligible to use a cooperative agreement to meet procurement requirements, CLICK HERE to visit Purchasing Cooperative of America for more information about how to sign up for your free membership and start your infrastructure project immediately.