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State of Hawai’i Makes First NEVI Program Award

July 14, 2023/by Ashley

Lake Charles Installing 35,000 Smart Water Meters

April 15, 2023/by Ashley

Q1 Making an Impact

March 16, 2023/by Ashley

Perrone Robotics Enters into Agreement with Sustainability Partners Bringing Autonomous Vehicles to the State of Hawaii

February 17, 2023/by Ashley

Investing in Hospitals

January 31, 2023/by Ashley

How Did The Vicinity Motor (VEV) Stock Surged In The Extended Session, Jumping 6%?

October 11, 2022/by Ashley

Vicinity Motor Corp. Secures Order for Four Vicinity Lightning Electric Buses for Use at Honolulu International Airport

October 6, 2022/by Ashley

SP Engaged to Fund Microgrid Infrastructure Nationwide

October 6, 2022/by Ashley

HDOT Announces Implementation of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure State Plan

September 29, 2022/by Ashley

Congratulations Scott, Louisiana!

August 24, 2022/by Ashley

Project Underway – Lake Charles Partnership with SP for 35,000 smart water meters

August 3, 2022/by Ashley

SP Announces Conversion to Public Benefit Company

June 16, 2022/by Ashley

SP Sponsors LMA Meetings, Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives

June 2, 2022/by Ashley

Vicinity Motor Corp. Announces Strategic Partnership with Sustainability Partners to Accelerate Government Fleet Electrification

May 17, 2022/by Ashley

Electric, Hydrogen and fossil fuel buses forming new Hele-On fleet

March 23, 2022/by Ashley

Automated Water Meters to Be Installed in Louisiana City

January 9, 2022/by Ashley

Lake Charles to replace 35,000 outdated water meters

January 7, 2022/by Ashley

New Critical Infrastructure Investments

December 9, 2021/by integritive

Another $8.6 million in expenditures on tap to address Jackson’s water billing needs

December 7, 2021/by Ashley

First EVs Picked up Through Statewide, Multi-Agency Service Contract Arrive

April 14, 2021/by Ashley