Positive Community Impact

We improve the resilience, health, and safety of communities across America. Sustainable infrastructure – Local business employment – Risk mitigation

Who We Are, The Difference We Make

Sustainability Partners, LLC (“SP”) is Public Benefit Company committed to helping communities thrive by permanently eliminating deferred maintenance of their essential infrastructures making them reliable, safe, and improving. We provide outstanding customer experiences and ultimately improve the resilience, health and safety of communities across America through innovation and best industry practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to convert essential infrastructure into a sustainable utility.

Our Vision

Our vision is permanently reliable and sustainable essential infrastructure for communities across America.

Our core business is sustainability

We reduce the environmental impact and general inefficiencies of old, inefficient, and costly infrastructure and replace it with newer, better, cleaner, and more efficient assets. We replace old with new, dirty with clean, costly with efficient, dangerous with safe and broken with reliable, thus we responsibly help communities by providing robustly engineered, energy efficient infrastructure solutions.

Environmental Impact

Inherent to all our projects is energy efficiency, water stewardship and conservation, and decreased pollution. The multitude of projects in our company’s history involve replacing inefficient government fleets with zero emission vehicles together with the associated charging (fueling) infrastructure, providing cities and towns with modern energy efficient clean water monitoring systems and leak detectors, changing thousands of incandescent lights to LEDs with smart sensors in schools, courthouses, jails, and sports complexes, upgrading wastewater treatment plants, installing energy saving HVAC systems and boilers, deploying crisis-saving IoT technology and more. We choose to procure and install equipment with the highest green energy efficiency ratings, and our engineers maintain LEED BC+C Green Business Certification.

Sunset graphic of construction works and Environmentally friendly arrows
Diverse group of people

Community Impact

Our team is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. As a company we aim to contribute to positive social progress in our nation. As such, real diversity, sincere community and holistic inclusion have always been fundamental to our mission. SP and its partners are a team of intentionally and beneficially diverse people and perspectives, benefiting from differentiated cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, and backgrounds. This attribute, and the collective talent of our team continues to grow as our company scales to meet the growing needs of our customers and market.

Leaders Enabling Positive Impact

SP strives for excellence in its governance practices. The company’s Trustees and Advisory Board is diverse and experienced in reaching sound decisions that drive shareholder value. Composed of individuals of varying tenures, ages, genders, ethnicities, and professional experiences, SP endeavors to maintain a well-rounded and progressive leadership team. The company’s governing policies reflect SP’s commitment to transparency and ultimate goal of collaborative sustainable partnerships with all staff, partners, and stakeholders.

Our Customers = Our Partners

Together we improve communities across America.