JASON HEWITT, Managing Partner of Infrastructure

As Managing Partner of Infrastructure, Jason Hewitt plays a pivotal role in leading SP’s national team of Infrastructure Partners. With a proven track record of success, Mr. Hewitt excels in successfully implementing sustainable infrastructure solutions for public entities across the nation. Under his remarkable leadership, communities have experienced positive impacts yielding both short and long-term benefits. These improvements have touched diverse entities, including parishes, utilities, park systems, universities, ports, and many others.

With over a decade of experience providing turnkey solutions to the public sector, Mr. Hewitt leverages his expertise in Smart Cities technologies, project management, and comprehensive energy-efficient solutions to seamlessly apply his knowledge and skills in both government and commercial settings.

Mr. Hewitt is known for his exceptional ability to forge key relationships and strategic partnerships which have enabled new opportunities for the communities we serve. He is an inspiring leader who strives for excellence as he fosters a collaborative team environment.

Parallel to his infrastructure-focused career, Mr. Hewitt spent more than 20 years as a film and television producer, contributing his skills to over 150 film and television projects. He’s not just a master of sustainable infrastructure, he’s a creative, versatile, and trustworthy professional.

Additionally, Mr. Hewitt founded and subsequently sold several successful technology startup companies, further demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

Jason Hewitt’s extensive experience, coupled with his passion for sustainable infrastructure and innovation, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. He is dedicated to pioneering the future of infrastructure development while maintaining a commitment to environmental responsibility and smart technology integration.