MICHAEL PAPPAS, Infrastructure Partner

Mr. Michael Pappas joins Sustainability Partners as an Infrastructure Partner, Advisor bringing his successful tenure across multiple industries. 

Actually into his third career, Mr. Pappas has worked for over a quarter century in each of the insurance and industrial energy management consulting industries, giving him the background, experience, and wisdom to successfully apply Sustainability Partners’ business model for the benefit of various customers.

In the insurance business, while managing one-on-one and small business clients, he learned the prospecting and step-ahead prospecting skills key to building meaningful long-term relationships. In the industrial energy management consulting business, Mr. Pappas handled large national and global companies in which he incorporated internal dynamics to effectively and tactfully provide management solutions improving costs for production and energy efficiency. He also engineered the sale of a company to a major refiner and was instrumental in growing it further after that event. Along the way, Mr. Pappas gleaned many useful energy efficiency solutions to improve offerings for environmental and energy stewardship across industries.

Mr. Pappas works as an intermediary, securing funding for growing businesses. His extensive network of client relationships, developed throughout his two careers, continue to stay in touch, attesting to the trusted, strong, and meaningful relationships he has built.

His experience building trusted and lasting relationships while helping durable entities gain confidence in sustainable solutions makes the partnership with SP a natural progression. Mr. Pappas is currently working in the midwest and southeast regions to help municipal, university, and county customers understand the innovative infrastructure offerings of Sustainability Partners.

Mr. Pappas holds a Bachelor’s degree from Davidson College.