Congratulations Scott, Louisiana!

The City of Scott had a strategic plan to improve their community with sustainable infrastructure that would also increase tourism. Partnering with Sustainability Partners (SP) the City was able to complete their beautiful new sports facility in a matter of months, even during the winter holidays and Mardi Gras! The first tournament was just the beginning. A huge influx of people enjoyed the sports facility, shopping, eating, and stayed in the City which immediately increased the City’s revenue.

The City pays a monthly usage fee and the plan for maintenance and upgrades will keep the infrastructure reliable, safe, and efficient – forever!

About Sustainability Partners

Sustainability Partners, LLC (“SP”) is a leading ESG Public Benefit Company committed to helping communities thrive by permanently eliminating deferred maintenance of their essential infrastructures making them safe, reliable, and sustainable.

Optionally, SP can fund the conversion of essential infrastructure into a monthly utility service in a manner that protects institutions, the assets, and taxpayers. We partner with public institutions, including hospitals, cities, towns, schools, utilities, and ports across the nation.  Our access to global capital sources can solve the funding needs unmet by traditional sources.