Simmesport, LA Modernizes Wastewater Treatment Plant

SIMMESPORT, LOUISIANA, January 25, 2024 — The Town of Simmesport proudly announces the successful completion of its wastewater treatment plant upgrade. Already in operation, the customized headworks system brings a new era of efficiency and sustainability, and even includes replacing corroded and clogged valves installed over 40 years ago. The completion of this transformative infrastructure project is a significant step towards modernization and environmental stewardship for Simmesport.

The upgraded system’s modern technology offers immediate operational and service benefits with advanced screening mechanisms to efficiently process debris and pollutants. Equipped with adaptive flow control to improve overall performance the system also reduces energy consumption making it an environmentally conscious solution. In addition, the upgraded user interface enables personnel to monitor and control the entire headworks process seamlessly. The redundancy built into the system enables options on how to process outflow water and relieves stress on the wastewater treatment plant.

Mayor Leslie Draper commented, “The upgrade of our wastewater treatment plant is a testament to Simmesport’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable water infrastructure. Completing this project, we are ensuring the continued health and prosperity of our community.”

This project was in collaboration with the public benefit company, Sustainability Partners, with whom the town previously engaged to upgrade the town’s water metering system. Manchac Consulting Group provided design, engineering, and project management services for the project with installation by Tullier Services. A biannual maintenance contract with SAVECO will also ensure the system is properly serviced and maintained to provide reliable and high-quality operation for many years, adding to the prosperity of the town and its citizens.

Sustainability Partners’ CEO, Thomas Cain remarked, “It is our mission to help communities that want their essential infrastructure to be safe, reliable, and sustainable. As exemplified by this accomplishment, Simmesport leadership is delivering to its citizens and we are honored to be a partner.”

About Sustainability Partners

Sustainability Partners LLC (“SP”) is a Public Benefit Company that forms enduring partnerships with public entities for the advancement of their essential infrastructure. SP converts infrastructure into a monthly usage-based utility-like service with its innovative model, Infrastructure as a Service®

Sustainability Partners’ core business is sustainability. The company reduces the environmental impact and general inefficiencies of old, inefficient, and costly infrastructure by replacing it with newer, cleaner, more efficient, and longer-lasting solutions. SP offers any combination of funding, including supplementary and match funding for state and federal grants, in addition to project facilitation and ongoing care to keep essential infrastructure reliable, safe, and improving forever.

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